control room, Tonregie, SSL 4000 G+


Far Beyond Recording is a modern, generously laid-out studio complex to the south of Vienna. The live rooms, which are bathed in natural light, the spacious Relaxing Area and the inspirational garden provide a creative environment for musicians of every genre.

For the Far Beyond Recording team, everything revolves around the artist's own unique sound. Our aim is to pin down precisely this sound and capture it so that the completed recording sounds exactly as it does in the musician's head. The carefully selected analogue and digital equipment, with the SSL 4000 G+ console as its centrepiece, supplies the necessary engineering precision.

We are a full service recording studio. That means we offer the entire range of services for top-notch music production − from recording, mixing and mastering to overall production. All these services can be booked individually or as a complete package − contact us for a quote!

The studio is in the town of Ebreichsdorf, south of Vienna, and - not least because it also offers a bed for the night - enables you to get far enough away from the everyday bustle while still being easy to get to.